Top 10 Funny Mortgage Quotes

Buying a home is always a fun experience. But for that, people often take loans from the bank. In future, if they need money, they keep the same house as collateral and get another mortgage for the same property.

And such cases of second mortgage in Toronto are becoming excessively common. And why only house mortgages? People are keeping several different kinds of assets as collaterals to get a mortgage loan. Some might take it as a burden, but many people enjoy this phase as well. And to lighten up your own experience, here we are bringing some of the funniest mortgage quotes for you.

Mortgage Quotes

  1. You know you are getting old, when you watch Home Alone and wonder how much their mortgage is.
  2. If you think nobody cares whether you are dead or alive, try missing a couple of mortgage payments.
  3. May you live to be old enough to pay off your mortgage, get a reverse mortgage, and reverse your reverse mortgage.
  4. To work for salary is to mortgage your life.
  5. There is nothing better than a good friend. Except a good friend who sends me referrals.
  6. Stupidity is when you have a land rover + land cruiser and still have a land lord… Wise up!
  7. When you show a buyer 30 homes, and they decide they just want to rent. Amazing feeling right?
  8. If running credit scores was an Olympic sport, I would have more Gold medals than Usain Bolt.
  9. You are the type of borrower every loan officer dreams of. In a nightmare. While falling from a tall building. C’mon pay your bills on time.
  10. As a child, they said I could be anything I wanted. So I became… The Loan Arranger.

These are some of the interesting quotes about mortgage and loans, which you will definitely enjoy. Share them with someone who is facing mortgage problems, and let them have a good laugh for some time.