Top 10 Quotes about Money

Quotes are highly inspiring if they reach the right audience. You feel inspired, motivated and encouraged to take actions if the right quote touches your heart.

Here I am including some of the powerful and wonderful quotes on money. These quotes will push you hard to work for great amount of money, if you are struggling to meet your needs. And for those who are already rich, these quotes will encourage you to be a wise spender and respect what you have.

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Let’s start with the list of top quotes about money.

  1. Start working like you don’t need money at all. Love somebody like you have never been hurt. Dance to the tunes like no one is watching you at all.
  2. People in this world normally spend money on unnecessary things they don’t want wish to buy at all, to impress people who do not matter to them at all.
  3. If you learn how to deal with your failures and depressions, you learn how to achieve success with few helps only.
  4. One of the best tips for success on the Wall Street is, behave like a greedy person when others are scared of some situation. And behave and act like a scared person when all others are busy getting greedy.
  5. Many people miss some great opportunities in their life, just because it comes dressed like work.
  6. If you wish to make a living, get some formal education. But if you wish to become rich, get self education.
  7. Poor is not someone who has little stuff. Poor is that someone who is greedy to get more stuff despite having a lot already.
  8. One who loses his money in something, has lost a great part of his life. If he loses his friends, he has lost greater. And if he loses the trust on everything, he has lost everything he had.
  9. If you wish to be a successful investor, buy when everyone is busy selling. And see when everyone is busy buying. You won’t get much more profit than this.
  10. A follower becomes a leader when he does some innovations.