Top 10 Quotes all Online Gamers can Relate To

Gaming is not just a hobby or an entertainment factor; there have been professional online gamers who take online gaming seriously. Over the years, people have inspired us in every field, and the same goes for people in the gaming industry as well. Whether we talk about games like DOTA, Age of Empire, etc. or recent trends like PUBG. Success in gaming industry has also led to the success of betting on these games, just like PUBG betting. Taking note of the success of such games and bettings, online gamers have become a source of inspiration.

In this article, you will read 10 best quotes by online gaming legends.

Here are the 10 best quotes

“Games give you a chance to excel, and if you’re playing in good company you don’t even mind if you lose because you had the enjoyment of the company during the course of the game.” ― Gary Gygax

“One of the most difficult tasks men can perform, however much others may despise it, is the invention of good games.” ― Carl Jung

“When a Dragon, an Elf, and a Human walk into a bar, the Human is always going to be the punch line.” – Bryan Fields, Dragon’s Luck: The Dragonbound Chronicles

“After making all the mistakes, every player has a chance to turn the outcome of the game around by making the right moves next.” ― Zoltan Andrejkovics, The Invisible Game: The Mindset of a Winning

“On the one hand we have the playing mind—innovative, magical, boundless. On the other is the gaming mind—concentrated, determined, intelligent. And on the hand that holds them both together we have the notion of playing well.” ― Bernard De Koven, The Well-Played Game: A Player’s Philosophy

“My guild decided to advance to a more complicated part of the game, which moved me from gaming hobbyist to full-time addicted employee of World of Warcraft.” ― Felicia Day, You’re Never Weird on the Internet

“Disengage,” she whispered, pulling the red tab on her wristband. Immediately Avery’s weapons were rendered inactive and she became invisible to everyone in the augmented reality game, able to do nothing except walk back to the staging room until she reactivated. It was like she wasn’t even there, like she’d suddenly erased herself. Which was exactly how she felt.” ― Katharine McGee, The Thousandth Floor

“Just like the notion of “Internet natives”, who have never known a world without Internet access, we, who have lived our entire lives with video games, can be known as “video game natives.” ― Alexei Maxim Russell, The Classic Gamer’s Bible

“There’s no one without purpose in a game. That’s what Gamification is all about.” ― Vineet Raj Kapoor

“That is the single most amazing thing I’ve ever heard.” ― Gene Luen Yang, Level Up