Top 8 Underrated Gift Ideas for Guys

Sometimes it’s super difficult to shop for guys. The problem is not that they don’t need anything, it’s that they usually aren’t all that good at providing the hints that are needed to let others know what they need or want. This isn’t to say that the average guy is so complicated that you’ll never figure out what would be a great gift idea for him. It’s more like the longer you try to figure it out, the more it complicated becomes. We subscribe to the idea that men will be happy with any gift, but would be even more pleased receiving something they can use. That is why we have created this list of some of the most underrated gift ideas for guys.

1 – The Kailo Pain Patch

This is a rather cool but very practical gift idea for the active male. It is a non-invasive patch with an army of teeny little nano capacitors embedded inside of it that interact with your body’s electrical system. When there is pain from sore muscles or some other sprain or strain, the Kailo is attached to the body between the source of pain and your brain. Within minutes it will work to reduce that pain. It is great help for back pain, headaches, and more. Nobody wants to be in pain, especially active guys who just want to keep on the go.  This gift will help relieve discomfort and get them moving.

2 – Magnetic Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Your guy likes music? Which guy doesn’t, right? Well, you can give him the coolest tool to enjoy the sounds that keep him happy with this magnetic floating speaker. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect and once activated, will project different colors. The LED lights built into the speaker continuously change and with the 3D Surround Sound Effect, listening to music or anything else will put him in the center of the action. It also floats, thanks to the embedded magnets. So, in a way, it is two gifts in one.

3 – Buzz-B-Gone

They are called pests because they tend to pester us. We are talking about mosquitoes, and if your guy can’t stand the little bloodsucking buggers, the Buzz B-Gone is the tool he needs to rectify the situation. This insect zapper uses UV light to attract them and a powerful 360-degree suction fan to catch them. Bugs don’t stand a chance and are, um, eradicated without the use of chemicals. Great for clearing a space for outdoor activities like grilling and chilling. Also great to just rid any outdoor space of buzzing insects.

4 – The PhotoStick

Guys have a habit of collecting photos on their computers. You know, shots from fishing trips, holidays, and games night with the boys. These photos provide the means for him to retain strong memories of good times past. However, sometimes those photos sometimes clog space on the computer where he stored them stored and slow it down. You can make him very happy with The PhotoStick. It is a small USB thumb drive that instantly backs up photos without any time or effort needed to search and file them. Just plug it in and presto! Instant photo backup.

5 – Peeps Carbon Technology

If your guy wears glasses, he (and perhaps you) knows how difficult it can be to keep them free of smudges and gunk. With the Peeps lens cleaning system, he will be able to see you clearly, along with whatever else he is working on. The cool thing about these microfiber cleaning pads is that they use the same soft carbon formula that NASA sent up to the Space Station. It’s also the cloth used by the military, so you know this is some pretty incredible stuff. The pads can be used over 500 times and will clean lenses four times faster than an ordinary cloth.

6 – Muama Enence

If the guy in your life does a fair deal of international traveling or works in an environment that places him with individuals who speak other languages, then this gift will make his day. Muama Enence is a handheld device that can help him to communicate in 43 different languages. All he has to do is flick a few buttons and he’ll be able to carry on a conversation with someone to whom he may have only nodded in the past. This device could change his water cooler time in a very big way. It might also make the difference between getting an international job and not. This is a gift that could change his future.

7 – Fit Track

This fitness tools goes the distance. If your guy is one of those fitness types, he’ll love this. The FitTrack uses some pretty fancy technology to monitor 17 different key insights ranging from calories burned to distance covered and many more metrics that he can use to track and measure his improved fitness level. You may see a change in how he carries himself once he gets the hang of this new gadget. So you, also, could stand to benefit from the positive changes he experiences thanks to your thoughtful gift.

8 – Socks

Socks are one of those gifts no one thinks about. This is a mistake because they play a huge role in the average guy’s life. They keep his feet warm. They help coordinate his clothing choices and they can be the coolest thing in his wardrobe. However, since guys don’t normally go out and buy their own socks in the first place, you could be a real lifesaver with your gift of socks. If you want, you could even give the gift of socks on Valentine’s Day (who needs more chocolate?). Some companies, such as No Cold Feet, even offer special V-Day gift packaging.

In Conclusion

The next time it is your turn to shop for something for him, you now have manageable list of great ideas. The selections outlined above are what we consider to be underrated gifts for him. That means if you choose one, he’ll be pleased you did and think you put a lot of thought into it.