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Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes

It’s always very important to nature friendship. Always send best wishes and quotes to the ones you cherish and adore on their special day!  Wedding anniversaries are special occasions. Therefore, happy anniversary quotes are very essential and bears more weight when sent to the adored ones. Each and every loving couple that is wedding loves to be wished well. On this article you will find some of the shared wishes of happy wedding anniversary.

#1. As the years get to pass, I wish that the love you have for each other increases every moment you will share together. Happy Anniversary!

The love you have for each other increases every moment you will share together. Happy Anniversary!

#2. Happy Anniversary! May both be blessed with all the gifts you desire and your love grow stronger and inspire all.

#3. Wishing you a long life together full of happiness as you celebrate your love. Happy Anniversary!

#4. I am glad to see that after this much time, you still love and care for each other. May you get many happier moments together. Happy Anniversary!

#5. It’s easy to fall in love but staying in love and keep the fire burning is just another issue. I am happy you did it. Happy Anniversary!

I am happy you did it. Happy Anniversary!

#6. To this beautiful relationship, you have both given it the real meaning. I wish you a happy anniversary.

#7. May god bless both of you with lots of happiness and joy in life. Happy wedding anniversary.

#8. You both are perfect match for each other to share every moment of your life in a happy manner. Happy anniversary!

#9. Happy anniversary! Both of you look perfect and complete with each other.

Happy anniversary! You were indeed meant for each other.

#10. May every moment shared together be as special as your wedding day. Happy anniversary!

#11. Wishing you a very happy anniversary! You have honestly been the best role model of an ideal couple.

#12. I wish you make loveable memories each other throughout your life. Happy anniversary!

#13. Keep the element of love and trust intact in your life. Happy wedding anniversary!

#14. You both are suitable for each other.  Happy anniversary!

Sweetness of marriage is love from your best half. Happy anniversary!

#15. You are such an amazing couple that I have ever seen. Wish you a happy anniversary!

#16. The unity you both share is the reason for your strong bond. Happy anniversary!

#17.  Wish you a happy anniversary. I wish you enjoy every day of your life just like your wedding day.

#18.  I wish and pray you both live together happily forever. Happy anniversary!

#19. May this anniversary strengthens your bond and  bring happiness in your life. Happy anniversary!

#20. I have not seen a happier couple than both of you. Happy wedding anniversary.

married couples anniversary wishes

#21. Wish you a happy anniversary! You were really meant for each other, what a beautiful couple.

#22. It’s incredible to see you in love with each other. Wish you happy wedding anniversary.

#23. You deserve all the love and admiration from everyone for your whole life, happy anniversary to you both.

#24.  The best couple I have is yours. You have both made for each other.

#25. You marriage is an evidence that love known no limits or conditions. Happy anniversary.

The two of you have proved that marriages are truly eternal. Happy marriage anniversary!

#26. In a true relationship, a person need not pretend anything to his partner. Happy anniversary!

#27. The sweet memories of a couple are the magic created every time they kiss. Happy anniversary!

#28. Your positive aura reflects the true spirit of your bond with each other. Happy anniversary!

#29. A marriage face different good or bad phases in life but the love between two parters remains intact in every situation in life. Happy wedding anniversary.

#30. You couple are a symbol of honesty, friendship, and love. Happy wedding anniversary.

The magic power of honesty, friendship, and love.

#31. A couple made for each other faces every hurdle in life together with a positive attitude towards life.  Wish you happy anniversary.

#32. You peoplle have shown that a marriage requires a deep bond to sustain in every situation in life. Happy anniversary!

#33. The difficult times test the strength of a marriage and the couple like you doesn’t get affected by any challenge in life. Happy anniversary!

#34. Life can be unpredictable but what i can predict for sure is the long-lasting bond of your love for each other.

#35. Most people don’t want to marry in life. But when I see you couple, I think how stupid those people are. Happy marriage anniversary to the best couple I have ever seen in my life.

To others, perfect marriage is false hope or a myth, but for me what have witnessed from you both it’s a real thing and exists.

#36. Every year that passes is an anniversary to you, as you both celebrate the life shared anniversary. I wish you a happy anniversary.

#37. A couple like you inspires others to realise the true meaning of love and marriage. Happy anniversary!

#38. May you receive all the blessings and you love in the best possible situations throughout your life. Wishing you a pleasant anniversary.

#39. Congratulations to both of you. We wish you blessings on your wedding anniversary.

#40. May you love blossom all your life and give you immense happiness in each other’s company. Best wishes for your love life.

May your love shine all the way and live to shine in your hearts. Happy anniversary day!

#41. May your marriage overcome all the tough times you face in your life.  I wish you a happy anniversary.

#42. The deep of love you both share shows the depth of your relationship. Happy anniversary!

#43. I have seen a true companion in you and enjoyed every minute we share together. Happy anniversary my love!

#44. You two have stayed in love and inspired lovebirds to love unconditionally. Happy wedding anniversary!

#45. The true bond of love which you both share is diffcult to see in today’s life. Happy wedding anniversary!

You have proved to the world that true love never dies. Happy anniversary!

#46. I wish you a happy wedding anniversary, May you live to celebrate many more in the future.

#47. Your deep love has not fainted even after many years of marriage. Congratulations as you celebrate your marriage anniversary.

#48. Although things are not the same, the only thing which remains intact is the deep bond of love between us. Happy anniversary my love!

#49. Seeing you smiling and cherish each other is an encouragement to many. May you live to enjoy and celebrate many more. Happy anniversary.

#50. No matter how difficult life gets, it is not difficult for a true relationship to sustain in tough times. Happy wedding anniversary.

Happy wedding anniversary fellas

#51. You have proved to the many that you are the perfect match for each other.  Wishing you, a happy anniversary now and after that.

#52. As you celebrate another new chapter of your life and the love that you shared together I want to wish you all the best in your marriage anniversary.

#53. Real relationships are not perfect but lovers are sensitive towards each other in such relationships.  Happy anniversary to those true lovers.

#54. It is the true power of love which has kept you together even after so many years of your marriage. Happy wedding anniversary.

#55. A relationship can only last due to the element of love, care and respect. Happy wedding anniversary.

A relationship that lasts is all about sharing and caring. Happy wedding anniversary.

#56. A happy relationship is responsible for bringing success in life. Happy anniversary!

#57. May you both make new memories full of love and joy with each other. Have a wonderful anniversary.

#58. Both you have accepted each other in order to build a strong bond of love. Happy anniversary.

#59. Marriage is a combination of true love, respect, acceptance, and compassion towards a partner. Happy wedding anniversary.

#60. A true love like yours never fades inspite of facing difficult times in life. hAppy mArriage aNniversary.

Live to shine together, hAppy mArriage aNniversary.

#61. The charm on your face shows the warmth you both enjoy in each other’s relationship.  Happy anniversary.

#62. Your love only deepens with every passing year of your marriage. Happy wedding anniversary.

#63. Ignore the negativities, remember the good memories and enjoy every moment of life with each other in a happy manner. Happy anniversary

#64. May you live long always to love as you wish.  Wishing you a very happy marriage anniversary.

#65. An anniversary marks the time to remember all the good memories that a couple had in their married life. Happy anniversary.

Anniversary is the celebration of trust & love.

#66. A successful marriage stands on the pillars of trust, love, respect, and true friendship. Happy anniversary.

#67. In order to have a fulfilling marriage, a person needs to accept his partner unconditionally. Happy anniversary day.

#68. I thank you for being my best partner, my lover, my best friend and husband. Happy anniversary!

#69. Thanks for making my life complete, since I met you it has never been the same. Happy anniversary

#70. I am the luckiest person in the whole world to have met such an amazing, kind and loving being. Happy anniversary my love.

#71. I am grateful to God for making you my better half. Happy wedding anniversary.

I cherish every moment we share together. Happy wedding anniversary dear.

#72. Your true relationship inspires others to love unconditionally. Happy wedding anniversary.

#73. I have learned to love truly from both of you. Happy anniversary.

#74.  Your relationship is an apt example of a deep and true love. Wish you both a happy wedding anniversary.

#75. Wishing a sweet couple a happy wedding anniversary.

#76. May both of you get all the happiness in life. Best Wishes for your love life.

#77. I give the example of your true relationship to others in order to make them realise the value of the true love. Happy wedding anniversary.

#78. I wish every second you spend with each other brings joy in your life. Happy wedding anniversary!

#79. Both of you have proved that love knows no boundaries. God bless you both. Happy wedding anniversary!

#80. God has done a wonderful thing by making you both a life partner of each other.