Weekend Quotes and Sayings

It’s Weekend now! And that calls for some celebration.

Weekends are a time to rejoice and take a break from your regular monotonous life. Even though many people enjoy their work on the Weekdays, there is still an incomparable charm to the Weekends. Most of the people have Saturdays and Sundays off, which means time to rest and recover. What better way to do this than spreading smiles and enjoying the day.

Here we bring you some amazing Weekend quotes and sayings that will not only cheer you up, but also anybody to whom you will send these wishes. These vary from being funny, to giving inspiration and motivation.

Why are they important?

The weekend comes after a long wait. And so, being joyous about it is definitely important. Happy Weekend Quotes will make you forget that wait and boredom in your life, and will give you a bright smile. Whatever bad happened to you in the past, these quotes will make sure you enter into the next week with a fresh start.

So forget about all your work, and take a bath in the freshness of the weekend. Go out with family and friends, and spend some quality time. You can also take your loved one on a date and rekindle your love. The weekend is finally here, so indulge yourself in getting fresh and bright.

Weekend Quotes

Here are some beautiful quotes for you. Enjoy your weekend along with these quotes. Share it with your loved ones if they are successful in making you smile.

Funny Weekend Quotes

  • It’s Friday fellas! Time to run for a booze.
  • Oh My God! The Weekend is finally here! Now I can finally go to sleep.
  • Yayyiieee! It’s Weekend now. Time to take a break from hell and go to heaven.
  • It is Thursday today. I can smell the Weekend even from here.
  • Ahh! Weekend! Now I can turn my beast mode off. I am a cute baby now.
  • Smile Please. It’s Saturday today.
  • Better days are coming again. It’s Saturday soon.
  • Today is Saturday. Share it with all your friends, and within 7 days, you will get another Saturday. Ignore this and you will get Monday in next 2 days.
  • Weekend is such a short time to enjoy a beautiful sleep.

Weekend is such a short time

  • How was your weekend? The only reason I am asking this is so that I can brag about mine.
  • Always work hard to be at your best. BUT, only on the weekends.
  • I am usually awake at 5 AM. Even on weekends. The only difference is, on weekdays I wake up at 5, while on weekends, I sleep at 5.
  • People normally say that endings are sad. But I know of a very happy end. It is called WeekEND.
  • What do you think is the most expensive thing in the world? My answer will be a woman who is free for the Weekend.
  • What is the scariest feeling on a Saturday morning? Getting a call from office.
  • What is Friday? It is the famous F word, that we are thankful for every week.
  • Beware boys! It’s weekend. Either keep your wallet stuffed, or say to your girlfriends that you lost it.
  • The weekend is here. Not just for you, but for your shoes, suits, and laptop as well.
  • Spending 5 days in a week is like spending time with a donkey. It’s weekend now. Time to spend your 2 days with a hip hop monkey.
  • It is the weekend, so stop counting how many calories you take and enjoy your days.
  • I definitely need a “Slow Down” button for my weekend. Do you as well?
  • Weekends are special. So spend it with your special someone, that is ME.
  • My love for you is same as my love for this weekend. A never ending one.
  • I am suffering from a grave disease. I am addicted to the weekends and keep on missing them. Will you pull me out of this?
  • Since the last weekend, this is the 1st time I am so excited about another weekend.

Sad Weekend Quotes

  • Why a weekend only has 2 days. I want more.
  • Weekends are so beautiful, just like a rainbow. The only similarity is they look wonderful from far, but disappear as you approach them.
  • Why does a Sunday evening come? It feels like the weekend has not even begun and it is over.
  • I wish there was 1 more day between Saturday and Sunday. This is so unfair.
  • I wasn’t ready yet. Can we start the weekend again?
  • Why is Friday so far away from Monday, but Monday so close to Friday?
  • It was Friday just 5 minutes back. Where did the Saturday and Sunday go? Uff, It’s Monday again.
  • Oh no! I don’t want the weekend to go away just now.
  • What is the shortest horror story you have heard till date? Tomorrow is a Monday.
  • I did not expect this weekend to pass so quickly. So can we make it once more?

Motivational Weekend Quotes

  • This is a gentle Sunday reminder that you are strong and can face whatever Monday throws at you.
  • It’s Saturday today. Clear out all the rust of the last week and walk fresh in to Sunday.
  • Music is the best solace. Hope you have a musical weekend to find your solace.
  • The only limits you have in your life are the ones you yourself make. So this weekend, break all your limits and have a blast.
  • Staying busy is your own choice. Taking stress is your own choice. Enjoying life is your own choice. So, chose well.
  • Weekend does not mean Peace. Peace comes when you take everything with bravery and still be happy.
  • Weekend is here. Time to complete what you have been putting off.
  • Happiness does not come with Weekends. It depends on what you think and how you take things.
  • Life is short, and so is weekend. So just grab your friend and do what you have been wanting to do from so long.
  • Weekend does not mean to do something important and meaningful. Weekend really counts when you are completely pointless. So enjoy your weekend being crazy.
  • Throughout the week, gather as much energy as possible. You will be needing it if you decide to spend the entire weekend dancing and partying.
  • No matter how stressful your work was. Let the weekend refresh you from all the stress and worries. Happy Weekend.
  • There is nothing like a beautiful tomorrow. So don’t wait up for a Weekend to make you happy. Find your happiness today itself.
  • Weekend is the beginning of a new life that God gave you for another week.
  • It’s weekend now. Make wonderful stories these 2 days to share with us on the coming Monday.
  • If you are happy this weekend, feel pride. Since happiness always come with a price tag. So if you are happy today, you have already paid for it the last week.
  • Let the sadness of the week turn into a beautiful rock music of the weekend.
  • Time spent last week was totally in vain. Its weekend here, so start living finally.
  • This weekend, take your life in your own hands. Just remember, only foolish decisions make up wonderful stories in the future.
  • Be yourself this weekend and you will love it.

Be yourself this weekend

Sweet Weekend Quotes

  • We wish you a happy Weekend, full of love and happiness.
  • It’s a weekend now. Have a great cup of coffee and an amazing book to read.
  • Good Morning everyone. Hope you have a beautiful and refreshing Sunday.
  • Everyday feels like a weekend, when you are retired. There are no more Mondays and morning blues.
  • Wishing you a very Happy friday. Let the festivities of Weekend begin now.
  • On a weekend, pretend like you are a baby. Be silly and enjoy life.
  • Just hold some more. Weekend will soon be here.
  • Forget the troubles that made your way this week. Remember the blessings that you have for the next week.
  • It’s time to wake up from the hibernation of the weekdays. Enjoy your weekends now.
  • I hope this weekend fulfils all your wishes and you get what you were looking for.
  • Saturdays and Sundays are the most beautiful things in the world, but only after you.
  • What is the most amazing thing in the world? It is you by my side and a Sunday morning.
  • What is a happy time? It is when you have to wake up without an alarm clock. Enjoy the weekend.
  • The very first day of your rock and roll 2 day journey is here. Time to gear up and celebrate.
  • Spend this weekend without using Social Media. You will definitely enjoy these 2 days.

Take pride in who you are. Don’t let the weekdays and your job define you. It’s time for a Weekend, so go and be yourself. Enjoy with your loved ones, or spend time with yourself. No matter how you spend your weekends, but make sure to keep that smile on your face intact before Monday begins.