Whatsapp status for love

WhatsApp Status for Love

No wonder how much you love your partner, it becomes essential to express your feelings now and then. But if you are not much of a talkative person, then you can also show your views through various statuses, like FB or Whatsapp. Here in this article, we will be sharing some unique and beautiful Whatsapp status for love.

Love is a wonderful feeling. So expressing it will not only make your partner feel happy but also proud of their choice. And these days, Whatsapp statuses are one of the most trending things. Despite their hectic schedule, people often find out time to go through them. So what better way to express than this? These statuses are right from the heart for all those people who are in love.

They are not just for people who are committed. Even those who have one-sided love, or are trying to woo the other person can also take help from these romantic statuses. You will love this collection and won’t go away empty-handed. Afterall, these are the WhatsApp status for love, not for couples. So every person in love can enjoy them and use them to impress others.

WhatsApp Status

We have divided the statuses into various categories so that it becomes easy for you to identify how you wish to communicate your feelings. All you have to do is select your favorite category, pick a message and publish it on your timeline or as a WhatsApp Status. You can also modify and personalize these statuses according to your wish, or your partner’s liking.

Romantic Status

#1. You are the only thing I need in my life.

#2. I love to do those things that bring a gorgeous smile on your face.

#3. Life becomes beautiful when you are with me.

#4. I promise to love you always and forever.

#5. You are the sunshine in my life.

#6. When I see in your eyes, I lose every single thought I had.

#7. When you are with me, every worry turns peaceful.

#8. All the things in my life are good because I am with you.

#9. You are the reason I am breathing right now.

#10. You have taught me the true meaning of love. I Love You.

#11. Even when the world is against me, I would still be happy if you are with me.

#12. Every person has some or the other addiction. Mine is you.

#13. Your eyes are so deep. I can see the whole world in them.

#14. If I am given a new birth now, I will find you sooner than this.

#15. All I want in life is for you to call me Yours.

All I Want in Life

#16. I love you way more than I can express.

#17. You are the reason I spend sleepless nights at my home.

#18. I am a lover, not some fighter. But for you, I am willing to lead any fight.

#19. You are in love when you have some reason to live. For me, that reason is you.

#20. For me, you don’t mean anything. Rather you mean everything.

#21. You are the reason for my strength. But loving you is my weakness.

#22. You are the 1st thing in my mind when I wake up, and the last thing when I go to sleep.

#23. You look beautiful when you smile. But I love it more when I am the reason for it.

#24. The amount of love I have for you, even hundreds of hearts will not be able to hold.

#25. I agree I am selfish because I am not ready to share you with anyone else.

#26. When my eyes are closed, I only see you. But when I open them, I just miss you.

#27. You are not only the love of my life but also a very closest friend.

#28. I may not be with you at the moment, but I promise I will never leave your thoughts.

#29. My love is incomplete when you are not there.

#30. Never in my life, I will find someone as beautiful as you.

#31. I may not be your first love, but I want to be your last forever.

#32. I love you not only for what you are but also because of the way I feel when you are around.

#33. Our love story is beautiful. Though it is messy and bumpy, but it is what brought us here together.

#34. My life is perfect because every day I spend in loving you.

#35. Though I am imperfect, but your love makes me perfect.

#36. I just wish to see you happy. Even if your happiness lies with somebody else.

#37. The only time I don’t have to pretend to be happy is when I am with you. You automatically bring a smile to my face.

#38. Millions of people are required to make a world. But mine is complete with only you.

#39. I feel wonderful how you always manage to bring a blush to my face with just your mere presence.

#40. Being with you is the only reason I am alive.

#41. Even though you don’t know a lot about me. I hope you know how much I am in love with you.

#42. I will choose you over any other thing every single time. I love you way too much.

#43. People say you fall in love only once. But I fall again in love with you every single time I look at you.

#44. The only thing I need to brighten my day is thinking about you.

#45. Someone asked me, how is your life? I smiled and replied, she is beautiful.

#46. The seven letter story of my life, “I can’t imagine my life without you.”

#47. Every time you look at me, my cheeks start paining. I guess I smile way too often.

#48. Thinking about you is an easy task. But bearing the heartache of being away is way too much.

#49. Let’s run away from this world, where only you and I will be there.

#50. Happiness is when I fall asleep right next to you.

Happiness is when I fall asleep

Funny WhatsApp Status for Love

#51. When I see you, my heart runs faster than a bullet train.

#52. The feeling of loving you is so big that I can write a novel for all lovers.

#53. I knew I was in love when you touched me. But without using your hands.

#54. I guess I lost my heart somewhere. Can you please check your pockets?

#54. 80% boys have girlfriends. Others have brains. Unfortunately, I fall in that 80%.

#55. I will never leave your side even if I die, I will become a ghost and will be with you forever.

#56. You can never buy love. But still, why do I keep paying for it?

#57. Never laugh at your partner’s choices. Because you are also one of them.

#58. What are the four words your partner would love to hear? They are “I brought you food.”

#59. I smile because I love you. I laugh because I cannot do anything about it.

#60. I am not single. I am committed to a guy who lives in future.

#61. When boys get jealous, they look so cute. But when girls get jealous, take cover because World War is soon going to start.

#62. Falling in love should be like traffic lights. One should know if he should stop, take slow or go ahead.

#63. My boyfriend has the most awesome girlfriend in this world.

Informational WhatsApp Status Messages for Love

#64. Love is one thing that does not age, neither has it had any limit, nor it has any death.

#65. When you are not mad in love, you are not in love.

#66. Fall in love only when you are ready, and not when you feel lonely.

#67. How would you feel when the one you keep secretly staring at, is already staring at you.

#68. When you can give a reason for love, you are not in love. Because love can never be explained.

#69. If you are really in love, show them, not just tell them.

#70. Falling in love happens by chance. But staying in love is a choice.

#71. Real love never fades. It only gets stronger by each passing moment.

#72. Love is only a word in a dictionary. It comes alive when someone gives meaning to it.

#73. When you need to explain in any relationship, then there is no trust.

#74. No matter how much sadness life give you, remember someone out there is just waiting to remove it and love you.

#75. The best feeling in this world is when you crush on someone, and that someone is already crushing on you.

#76. Attraction might be a temporary love. But love is definitely a permanent attraction.

#77. Love is just like a Wi-Fi. You won’t be able to see it. But you know it when you have lost it.

#78. When you miss someone, it is because your heart is telling you that you love them.

#79. True love is like a shooting star. No one knows where and when it will happen.

#80. When you are in love, you just love without buts, ifs, maybes, and whys.

#81. Love makes the ride of life worthwhile.

Informational WhatsApp Status for Love

Love makes the ride of life

#82. Just the presence of love is enough to drive out all the chaos of life.

#83. Don’t worry if the other person does not love you. One day they will realize that they lost a diamond while they were busy playing with stones.

#84. Losen yourself in love. If you always try to be normal, you will miss out on fantastic adventures it can bring.

#85. Love can change you completely. The most influential man can turn weak, while the lowest man can turn strong.

#86. When you are destined to fall in love, it will happen. No one can stop it.

#87. Loving someone requires strength. But being loved by someone gives you courage.

#88. When you give all of yourself to someone, you also provide them with the right to hurt you way too deeply.

#89. Seeing your partner a little jealous is a fantastic feeling. It shows that somebody is scared of losing you.

#90. One day, someone will come in your life who is not bothered about your past, who only wishes to be your future.

#91. Just remember, loving you in the brightest of days is possible for anybody. But the one who can like you in the storms of your life is one true love.

#92. Love is a great feeling. But it takes even more courage to declare that you want to be with this person forever.

Maths WhatsApp Status for Love

#93. Remember this equation always. Me + You = Love.

#94. You = Sexy + Cute. A perfect combination for you my love.

#95. Love + Trust = Perfect Relation.

#96. I would keep loving you till the last digit of Pi.

#97. In the mathematics of love, 1+1 = everything. But 2-1 = Nothing.

#98. When you calculate the derivative of my love, it will remain same. This is because my love for you is exponentially increasing.

#99. Love is just like math. Simple, yet profoundly complicated.

#100. There is only one thing I would like two do, dedicate three words four you. I Love You.