Why Falling in Love is a Wonderful Feeling?

There are people who do not fall in love at all, and there are some who get to experience this emotion. While relations might sustain or break over the time, but the feeling of being in love is extremely wonderful.

And even Science has proved this fact. The butterflies you feel in your stomach, the general dizziness and a lot more which happens when you experience love, is also good for your health. In short, it is scientifically good if you fall in love.

Let’s see here how this helps a person in general.

Immune to Pain

When you fall deeply head over heels for someone, you become less immune to pain. This study was conducted at Stanford University where it was proven that love reduces the pain receptors leading you to experience only 60% of the overall intended physical pain.

Isn’t it something worth experiencing?

This can also be a reason why youngsters and adults who are deeply in love, tend to heal faster from their wounds. Mostly that happens when you are newly in love, which in turn depends upon how good or bad your chemistry is with the other person. Soakmind shares with us some of the wonderful signs to note that down.

Even the people who are in a monogamous relation tend to live longer and die in a better state than their single counterparts.

High Rush

The feeling of falling in love can be compared to that high rush you experience by taking cocaine or other such drugs. But why is that so?

When you fall in love, the brain releases neurochemicals in massive amount, leading to a state of increased euphoria. This state is similar to the one when you take cocaine. And this fact is proven by a research conducted in University of Syracuse.

Usually, a person experiences a large number of obstacles in their journey called life. But when you are in love, most of these small roadblocks are pushed away easily. Even small accomplishments look big when you have the support of that special loved one.

Overall, your life becomes much more happy and smooth when you fall in love. While the repercussions can be bad sometimes, the experience is worth living for. Few small moments of love can really overcome large pains in your life. So if you have not yet fallen in love, find out that special someone for you.